How To Make A Peel Off Base Coat Last!

Hi everyone, welcome back. Today I’m going to show you how I can wear a mani using a peel off base coat for around five days.

1. Cleanse the nails!

Like the rest of our bodies, our nail plates produce oil, this needs to be removed to ensure proper adhesion. You can do this using rubbing alcohol or acetone. Don’t clean your nails by using hand soap or ordinary nail polish remover as these contain oils. This will give your nails a nasty white, flaky and dry look, but stick with it.

2. Apply a very thin coat of peel off base.

I find that applying a normal coat of polish makes my mani peel quicker. So I apply a very thin coat, make sure to wipe most of the product off the brush.

3. Don’t apply the peel off base like a normal base coat!

Make sure that you don’t push the brush as close to the cuticle like you normally would.

Yes I have yellow nails, no I don’t take drugs, nor do I smoke. I don’t often use a stain preventing base coat. I’m just addicted to nail polish and because you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are too. 😝

Also, make sure that you don’t apply the peel off base close to the edge of your nail, leave a gap!

4. Don’t wrap the free edge with the base coat!

Wrapping the tip of your nail with the peel off base coat will cause it to lift a lot earlier!

5. Make sure you cover the peel off base coat!

When applying your first coat of coloured polish, make sure you push past the edge of the base coat with the brush. This ensure that the peel off base can’t lift, and water and oils can’t get under it.

I probably should have used a more opaque polish here but I was trying out a new thermal. 😝

6. Make sure you wrap the tip with the coloured polish!

Because we didn’t wrap the tip with the peel off base coat, when you wrap the tip with the coloured polish, you created a seal.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the top coat.

8. Don’t use cuticle oil how you normally would!

Don’t put oil on your cuticles when using a peel off base coat, oil will just causes the polish to lift. So I only use oil on the underside of my nail, this way my nails stay hydrated but my mani won’t lift.

Those are the steps I use to make my peel off mani last. Obviously it won’t last as long as it would if you used a regular base coat, but you should get around five days wear. I’ve even had seven days wear.

If you try my tricks, let me know how you got on! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or you can email me at

Thank for reading!

Tropical Nail Art | Blogger Collaboration

It’s time for another collaboration! This months theme is tropical, I’m so excited for this one so let’s do it.

So this is the mani I created, neon gradient, one of my favourite nail looks.

As always, I’m starting with my base coat. I used Ünt Ready For TakeOff.

No matter what I’m doing with neons, I ALWAYS use a white base colour. It makes them pop. I usually use Glow Up from TwinkledT, but I’m trying out a new one as it was out of stock in the UK. This is Rainbow Connections white stamping polish.

It’s not bad, but it’s not a one coater unlike Glow Up.

Now, if you’re doing a gradient, now is not a good time for a memory lapse. (I’ve done it before.) We need liquid latex! I used Border Patrol by Girly Bits Cosmetics. I really like this one!

For the gradient I used two neons from China Glaze, the yellow isn’t really a neon but it worked perfectly.

I applied stripes of all three colours onto a latex free makeup wedge.

I did three thin layers and then peeled of my latex.

I was tempted to make this design matte, but I wanted a little bit of holo, so I added Northern Lights holographic top coat by INM.

On my ring finger used a little “aloha” water decal.

On the rest of my nails I stamped black palm trees. I used this stamping plate from Born Pretty.

For my black stamping polish I used Liquid Leather by China Glaze.

And finally, I topped it all off with a nice thick coat of Air Dry by CND.

So that was this months blogger collaboration!

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Thanks for reading! I have lots of new blogs in the making, so stay tuned.

Anne. X


Hi everyone, today’s blog is a new one. It’s all about dupes, if you’re new to the nail community, dupes is short for duplicates. Meaning two or more polishes from either the same or different brands, that are identical or close to. This is so common given the amount of mainstream and indie brands out there. Dupes can be a blessing in disguise though! I’ll explain more with the first two polishes. 👇🏻

This is Are You Orchiding Me? From the China Glaze Spring Pastels 2017 collection. And I’m Gown For Anything from the OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass 2016 collection.

In the bottle, these are exact dupes. However, on the nail, Are You Orchiding Me is the tiniest bit brighter, a little more purple, but that’s just me scrutinising it to within an inch of its life. 😝 Now here’s where the dupes being a blessing in disguise comes in… The OPI one has a FANTASTIC formula, it’s almost a one coater. And for a light colour like this from a mainstream brand?! That is incredibly rare. The China Glaze one is okay, but nothing compared to the OPI. I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m such a big China Glaze fan. But it’s thin wants to run down the sides of the nail if you’re not careful.

The swatches are shown fully dried with no top coat.

So, if you’re going to get one of these, get the OPI. You won’t regret it, it’s one of my all time favourites.

Okay, next up are two beautiful polishes, I adore both of these. This is China Glaze Royal Pain In The Ascot (I love that name 😂) from the 2017 Street Regal collection, and Zoyas Blair from the Pulse 2008 collection.

In the bottle, these are not exact dupes. The China Glaze has a slightly darker shimmer that mixes a little more with the base. Whereas the Zoyas shimmer stands out a little more, and is more red than a garnet colour.

On the nail, they are almost exact dupes. The China Glaze is a one coater, it has a fantastic formula. Zoya needed two coats to match the colour in the bottle. The only very, very slight difference is that the Zoyas base and shimmer doesn’t mix together like the China Glaze does. It’s ever so slightly brighter.

I saved the most unexpected for last. This is Pearl Jammin’ from the China Glaze 2016 Rebel collection, and Barry M Moonfish from the 2018 Under The Sea collection. When Pearl Jammin’ was released, everyone went mad for it, and rightfully so in my opinion. It was truly unique, even indie brands hadn’t come up with something like this. So the fact that a mainstream brand released it was even more shocking. So to find an almost exact dupe for it, from a UK mainstream brand, well I was mind blown.

The only difference between these two is the shimmer, Pearl Jammin’ has a slightly more orange shimmer. But that is the only difference, they even apply the same. Neither of them get fully opaque in three coats, so I either layer them over a white, or put a fourth coat on Pearl Jammin’. Moonfish would need more than four unfortunately.

So those were my dupes, I have more so stay tuned for that blog.

Thank you for reading,

Anne. X

Floral Nail Art Tutorial| Blogger Collaboration

The 6th is upon us again and you know what that means, another collaboration! This months collaboration is about floral nail art. I was really excited about this one because I’ve had this design on my tester wheel for months. 😊

I’m going jump straight in with my base coat, I always used Ünt Ready For TakeOff peel off base coat. My bottle is almost empty so it’s gotten thick and gloopy, but it still works great. I need to buy a new one.

For my base colour, I was torn between OPI Suzi Chases Portu-Geese and China Glaze Snow Way! I wanted an off white, plain base so I chose OPI. The shimmer in Snow Way was a little too strong and I didn’t want it to distract from the design. Suzi Chases Portu-Geese is a white cream with a drop or two of pink. I’ve really been into nearly white colours recently.

Now onto the stamping, I used this plate from the MoYou London Tropical collection.

I always use China Glaze Liquid Leather as my black stamping polish. It works perfectly and saves me having to buy a separate black specifically for stamping. I transferred this to my TwinkledT nail art mat. If you don’t have one, you could just leave the design on the stamper. You’ll just have to be a little more careful when colouring the image as the black stamping will pick up very easily.

I used China Glaze Lime After Lime to colour in the leaves.

I wanted to create a gradient look for the flower petals, so in the centre of each flower, I added a large dot of Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze.

Then I filled in the rest of the petals with China Glaze Bottoms Up.

When I turn stamping into decals, I always used clear nail polish, not a top or base coat. These dry too brittle and ridged. Clear polish dries with flexibility, so it will fit to the curves of your nail a lot easier.

After 15 – 20 minutes, you should be able to peel the decal off.

I’ve seen some people stick decals to their nails using a top or base coat, clear polish and even water. While they do work, you’re much more likely to get bubbles underneath the decal when applied to wet polish. I always use a very thin layer of foil glue.

Once the decal was stuck down, I took a tiny pair of scissors and carefully cut the excess away. The trick to getting a seamless look is to use a clean up brush dipped in nail polish remover or acetone to melt the layers of polish together.

Once I was happy with the clean up, I applied a VERY heavy coat of CND Air Dry top coat. Applying top coat thickly is the best way to stop stamping from smudging.

I loved creating this mani!

Thank you to the other very talented nail artists in this collaboration:

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Thank you for reading,


My Favourite Topper Nail Polishes

Hello everyone, long time no write! 😝 I’m sorry I’ve been absent this past month, I’ve been unwell with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. But I’m back and I’m ready to blog again.

Today’s blog is another favourites, I love doing these. Here are my favourite nail polish toppers!

First of all, let’s talk about toppers. A topper nail polish is either a glitter in a clear base, or a very sheer shimmer or jelly polish. Anything that is sheer enough that you can see through it can be used as a topper. A shimmer polish that is very sheer may have a different look depending on what colour you layer it over. My personal favourites are glitters in a clear base. I love layering these over cream polishes. It just brings them to life.

For instance, one of my all time favourites is OPI 18K Gold top coat. These are little pieces of 18K gold flakes in a clear base. I love the variety of shapes and sizes in this polish. I put it over a magnetic polish from FUN Lacquer. It’s perfect because the flakes aren’t too dense so they won’t hide the magnetic cat eye.

But maybe you want something more colourful? Diamond Flake by FUN Lacquer is a favourite of mine because the holographic flakes are so striking! This is a little more dense so I only do a very thin coat. But, as you can see in the picture below, it still doesn’t hide a gradient.

A classic that the majority of nail polish addicts will own, China Glaze Fairy Dust. This simple holographic topper is striking enough that it will bring any mani to life, but also subtle enough to layer over nail art to enhance and not hide. I use this all the time so it had to go in my favourites blog.

And last but by no means least, Frosting from Cupcake Polish. These are iridescent hex glitters in a clear base. This is so versatile because the glitters change colour depending on the colour they’re layered over. Over black, they have an orange to green shift but over white, they shift from white to pink to gold and a few others at extreme angles.

This polish also looks amazing matte.

So those were my favourite toppers, I adore all of these and toppers in general are a big hit with me. What do you think?

Thank you for reading,


My Top 5 Barry M Nail Polishes

Happy Saturday everyone! So, following on from my top 5 China Glaze polishes, comes my top 5 Barry M polishes. Barry M is really the only descent UK mainstream brand in my opinion. The range of colours and finishes is incredible. They are all under £5 and cruelty free.

Although all of these are my favourites, I’m going in order my my least to my best.

So, first up is Pacific Flame. This is a cherry red jelly base with a very strong green shimmer. I have never seen a polish like this before, and from a mainstream brand, this is impressive.

Next is Holographic Moon, Barry M released a Molten Metal collection last year that consisted purely of linear holos. I sound like a broken record but FROM A MAINSTREAM BRAND. 😂 This is a nude linear holographic, isn’t it beautiful?

Next up is Fashion Icon, this is a very old polish from the Glitterati collection, luckily this one is quite easy to come by, but the others aren’t! This is a purple jelly base with iridescent micro glitter, a strong blue shimmer and holographic micro glitter.

It was really hard to pick an absolute favourite between these next two, but I did it…

This is Antique Gold, a reddish purple with a tonne of gold shimmer. I love this polish on its own, but I love it even more over a black base. It gives it more depth.

And finally, my absolute favourite Barry M nail polish is…

Celestial Silver! This is a gunmetal base with a green to blue to purple shifting shimmer, linear holographic and micro holo flakies. I’m not entirely sure about this, but it looks like it has a very slight gold shimmer in there as well. I ADORE this polish.

So those were my top five Barry M nail polishes, what did you think?

What’s your favourite?

See you next Saturday!

Anne. X

3 Things You’ve Been Doing WRONG When Applying Magnetic Polish!

Wednesday is upon us again, so it’s blog time! This week I’m going to show you three mistakes that you’ve been making when applying magnetic nail polish, and how to fix them!

So magnetic polish has been around for a long time now, most nail polish addicts will have them. When I got my first magnetic polish, I was seriously underwhelmed with the effect. It looked great when I took the magnet away and a few minutes later, it looked like a gradient gone wrong… Sound familiar? Let me help.👇🏻

Mistake number one: You didn’t hold the magnet over the polish for long enough.

I know this sounds ridiculously obvious but bare with me. Most companies will tell you to hold the magnet for 15 to 20 seconds, the problem with that is when you pull the magnet away, the polish is still wet. As the polish dries, that magnetic line will soften. The trick is to keep the magnet over the wet polish for at least a minute. This way the polish will be mostly dry when you pull the magnet away. I count to 60 for each nail. Yes this may sound like a load of faffing but honestly, you won’t regret it. I did this trick for these nails.👇🏻

Mistake number two: You used the magnetic polish by itself.

Magnetic polishes are sheer, and usually thin in consistency. Most magnetic polishes take at least three coats to become fully opaque. This takes away a lot of the colour in the magnetic polish itself. The line won’t be quite as striking. Use a black base colour to layer the magnetic polish over. You will only need two coats. Plus, the shift in multichrome magnetic polishes will be much stronger and the line will be more defined. I used that technique in the mani above also.☝🏻

Finally, mistake number three: You put a top coat on expecting your magnetic mani to remain the same.

It most definitely will not. Allow me to explain, quick dry top coats in particular penetrate the layers of polish underneath the top coat. Thus, making them wet again. As I said before, the magnetic line will soften as the polish dries. To stop this from happening, hold the magnet over the wet top coat for 30 seconds, hold it for a minute if you’re not using a quick dry top coat. And hey presto! You’ve got a perfect magnetic manicure.

Go and try it! If you used these tips tag me (@annes.nails) on Instagram so I can see!

See you next week!

Anne. X

Barry M New Molten Metals

Happy Wednesday all! I hope you’re all okay. 😘

So along with my China Glaze obsession, I really love Barry M nail polishes as well. I love their polishes because they’re not your usual creams or shimmers, they do everything from glitters to multichromes to linear holos. Sorry, Barry M products are only available in the UK and Australia. Everyone else forgive me!

In the last couple of weeks, Barry M released four new Molten Metal polishes, if you’re unfamiliar with the Molten Metals, they’re basically metallic shimmer polishes. Most of them are quite sheer because they’re packed with tiny metallic shimmer particles. The latest releases are more geared towards spring and summer.

First up is Ice Queen, a white shimmer with very light silver flakes running throughout. This is quite sheer so it took three coats to reach full opacity. You could use one coat as a topper also. It has a cold glow effect to it, does that make sense? 😂 In certain lights you can see a blue/purple flash.

Next up is Peachy Feels. I was really impressed with this one, it really isn’t what you’d expect from a mainstream brand. This is a peachy metallic with a very strong gold shimmer. Again, a three coater. You get a stunning lit from within effect.

Now for Golden Hour, a darker gold base with a slight pink tone to it. It also has a gold to green shifting shimmer. This is my least favourite out of the four. This one is more opaque, it only needs two coats.

Now for my favourite, I adore this shade. It’s called Fuchsia Kiss. This is a beautiful magenta base packed with silver shimmer. This one was the most opaque out of the bunch. I’ve been wanting Barry M to release a Molten Metal in a shade like this.

So what did you think? Barry M polishes just get better and better in my opinion.

See you next Wednesday!

Anne. X

Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by myself unless stated otherwise.

My Top 5 China Glaze Polishes

Happy Wednesday all! 👋🏻

Today I’m going to be talking about my top 5 China Glaze polishes. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that China Glaze is my favourite mainstream nail polish brand. If you don’t, I’ll be giving you insights into my polish addiction in the next few blogs.

It was hard to pick just 5 but I managed it eventually. 😂

I’m saving my absolute favourite for last, but I love them all.

First up is Shadies and Gentlemen from the 2018 Paint It Black collection for Halloween. If you don’t already know, I LOVE China Glaze matte polishes. Matte polishes from other mainstream brands never dry down fully matte, there’s always a little light reflection. And a lot of them dry to what I call a wax effect. So it’s that in between matte and glossy look. Not my cup of tea at all. China Glaze mattes are MATTE! Look!👇🏻

This is an ocean sunset in a bottle… Next up is Pearl Jammin’ from the Autumn 2016 Rebel collection. The shimmer in this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I love it when mainstream brands push the boat out and do something different, even if it doesn’t really workout. I think China Glaze and Barry M are taking inspiration from indie brands, introducing more holographics, shimmers and glitters.

Next up is a black linear holographic from a mainstream brand… WHAT?! This is Maliboo-boo from the Paint It Black Halloween 2018 collection. This entire collection was a huge hit with me. Glitters, toppers, linear and scattered holos, shimmers and a matte!

Okay, we’re down to the final two… Can you guess what’s next? Judging from my previous picks, this probably won’t come as a surprise to you.

Combat Blue-Ts!

This has everything I love, matte and a gorgeous cobalt blue… What more could a girl want?

Here it is, my all time favourite China Glaze polish…


Look at that. Isn’t it stunning? I love almost black polishes that have really striking shimmers like this.

What do you think? Do you agree with my picks? Do you have an all time favourite China Glaze polish? Let me know!

See you next Wednesday!

Anne. X

Polishes I Wore In January 2019

Hi everyone, welcome back.

So this segment is called Polishes I Wore In… In the first week of each month, I will write a blog about what nail polishes I wore in the previous month. This is the first one and I’m excited!

Lets get into it!

First up was on the 7th when I asked Siri to pick a random number between 1 and 300. He picked Exposed by Essie and as a topper, he chose Hay Girl Hay by China Glaze. Siri has good taste! 😂

Next was on the 10th and I wore 2Nite by China Glaze. I’m totally in love with the OMG Flashback collection.

A simple, classy look for the 13th. This is China Glaze Throwing Suede and Barry M Diamond Glitter, which is one of my all time favourite polishes, but that’s for another blog.

On the 15th I was feeling the need for a pink holo. This is Mad For Madness Sake by O.P.I with F.U.N Lacquers Diamond holo top coat over it.

Halfway through the month now and on the 16th Barry Ms Celestial Silver was calling my name.

On the 17th, I realised that I hadn’t worn a matte polish for a long time. So I tried out China Glaze Cabana Fever. This ended up being the base for a simple nail art look.

Now for the star of the month in my opinion, on the 21st I got this beauty in the post. I had been after this polish ever since it’s release. This is China Glaze Mailboo-boo.

Unintentional galaxy nails for the 23rd. This is F.U.N Lacquers Believe with O.P.Is 18K Gold top coat.

I adore thermal polishes, this is my favourite. Glacier Blue by Cirque Colors was my polish of choice for the 25th.

Holo jelly polish for the 27th! This is Where’s The Party Canon At by China Glaze.

Cindy is the model for the 29th! She’s in good shape at the moment so I thought I’d let her be the star. This is Swatch Out by China Glaze.

And finally, on the 31st was a holo glitter day. This is HOLO QUEEN by F.U.N Lacquer and Simply Nailogical.

So those were the polishes I wore in January. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

See you next week!

Anne. X

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