My Top 5 Barry M Nail Polishes

Happy Saturday everyone! So, following on from my top 5 China Glaze polishes, comes my top 5 Barry M polishes. Barry M is really the only descent UK mainstream brand in my opinion. The range of colours and finishes is incredible. They are all under £5 and cruelty free.

Although all of these are my favourites, I’m going in order my my least to my best.

So, first up is Pacific Flame. This is a cherry red jelly base with a very strong green shimmer. I have never seen a polish like this before, and from a mainstream brand, this is impressive.

Next is Holographic Moon, Barry M released a Molten Metal collection last year that consisted purely of linear holos. I sound like a broken record but FROM A MAINSTREAM BRAND. 😂 This is a nude linear holographic, isn’t it beautiful?

Next up is Fashion Icon, this is a very old polish from the Glitterati collection, luckily this one is quite easy to come by, but the others aren’t! This is a purple jelly base with iridescent micro glitter, a strong blue shimmer and holographic micro glitter.

It was really hard to pick an absolute favourite between these next two, but I did it…

This is Antique Gold, a reddish purple with a tonne of gold shimmer. I love this polish on its own, but I love it even more over a black base. It gives it more depth.

And finally, my absolute favourite Barry M nail polish is…

Celestial Silver! This is a gunmetal base with a green to blue to purple shifting shimmer, linear holographic and micro holo flakies. I’m not entirely sure about this, but it looks like it has a very slight gold shimmer in there as well. I ADORE this polish.

So those were my top five Barry M nail polishes, what did you think?

What’s your favourite?

See you next Saturday!

Anne. X

3 Things You’ve Been Doing WRONG When Applying Magnetic Polish!

Wednesday is upon us again, so it’s blog time! This week I’m going to show you three mistakes that you’ve been making when applying magnetic nail polish, and how to fix them!

So magnetic polish has been around for a long time now, most nail polish addicts will have them. When I got my first magnetic polish, I was seriously underwhelmed with the effect. It looked great when I took the magnet away and a few minutes later, it looked like a gradient gone wrong… Sound familiar? Let me help.👇🏻

Mistake number one: You didn’t hold the magnet over the polish for long enough.

I know this sounds ridiculously obvious but bare with me. Most companies will tell you to hold the magnet for 15 to 20 seconds, the problem with that is when you pull the magnet away, the polish is still wet. As the polish dries, that magnetic line will soften. The trick is to keep the magnet over the wet polish for at least a minute. This way the polish will be mostly dry when you pull the magnet away. I count to 60 for each nail. Yes this may sound like a load of faffing but honestly, you won’t regret it. I did this trick for these nails.👇🏻

Mistake number two: You used the magnetic polish by itself.

Magnetic polishes are sheer, and usually thin in consistency. Most magnetic polishes take at least three coats to become fully opaque. This takes away a lot of the colour in the magnetic polish itself. The line won’t be quite as striking. Use a black base colour to layer the magnetic polish over. You will only need two coats. Plus, the shift in multichrome magnetic polishes will be much stronger and the line will be more defined. I used that technique in the mani above also.☝🏻

Finally, mistake number three: You put a top coat on expecting your magnetic mani to remain the same.

It most definitely will not. Allow me to explain, quick dry top coats in particular penetrate the layers of polish underneath the top coat. Thus, making them wet again. As I said before, the magnetic line will soften as the polish dries. To stop this from happening, hold the magnet over the wet top coat for 30 seconds, hold it for a minute if you’re not using a quick dry top coat. And hey presto! You’ve got a perfect magnetic manicure.

Go and try it! If you used these tips tag me (@annes.nails) on Instagram so I can see!

See you next week!

Anne. X

Polishes I Wore In January 2019

Hi everyone, welcome back.

So this segment is called Polishes I Wore In… In the first week of each month, I will write a blog about what nail polishes I wore in the previous month. This is the first one and I’m excited!

Lets get into it!

First up was on the 7th when I asked Siri to pick a random number between 1 and 300. He picked Exposed by Essie and as a topper, he chose Hay Girl Hay by China Glaze. Siri has good taste! 😂

Next was on the 10th and I wore 2Nite by China Glaze. I’m totally in love with the OMG Flashback collection.

A simple, classy look for the 13th. This is China Glaze Throwing Suede and Barry M Diamond Glitter, which is one of my all time favourite polishes, but that’s for another blog.

On the 15th I was feeling the need for a pink holo. This is Mad For Madness Sake by O.P.I with F.U.N Lacquers Diamond holo top coat over it.

Halfway through the month now and on the 16th Barry Ms Celestial Silver was calling my name.

On the 17th, I realised that I hadn’t worn a matte polish for a long time. So I tried out China Glaze Cabana Fever. This ended up being the base for a simple nail art look.

Now for the star of the month in my opinion, on the 21st I got this beauty in the post. I had been after this polish ever since it’s release. This is China Glaze Mailboo-boo.

Unintentional galaxy nails for the 23rd. This is F.U.N Lacquers Believe with O.P.Is 18K Gold top coat.

I adore thermal polishes, this is my favourite. Glacier Blue by Cirque Colors was my polish of choice for the 25th.

Holo jelly polish for the 27th! This is Where’s The Party Canon At by China Glaze.

Cindy is the model for the 29th! She’s in good shape at the moment so I thought I’d let her be the star. This is Swatch Out by China Glaze.

And finally, on the 31st was a holo glitter day. This is HOLO QUEEN by F.U.N Lacquer and Simply Nailogical.

So those were the polishes I wore in January. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

See you next week!

Anne. X

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Chrome Nails | Polish Or Powders?

Polish Or Powders?

Some of you that follow me on social media may have noticed that recently I have been playing around with chrome powders quite a bit. I wanted to write this blog to answer some questions that people may have, and help people decide whether or not it’s worth getting any.

So, about two years ago Instagram in particular went crazy over these “magic” powders. Nail technicians from all over the world began posting videos of the application process. Manufacturers like Born Pretty and What’s Up Nails started selling these powders like hot cakes and still are. Since then the chrome look has become a huge part of the nail industry, and not just for nail techs. People just (like me) who do nail art as a hobby love them as well.

Let’s answer some common questions…

Do you have to nail a qualified nail technician to buy or use these powders?

No, you don’t. Like I said, people who just do nail art as a hobby use these powders. Almost every nail art shop online sells these powders. eBay and Amazon sell these also. Although some online shops (usually salon equipment shops) require you to be a qualified nail technician to purchase from their stores. You don’t have be a nail tech to use them, although it is a good idea to have some knowledge of gel polish before using any. 

Can you use these chrome powders with regular nail polish?

Some companies claim that you can, however, I haven’t found this to be the case. I’ve tried this with Born Pretty and Elite99 powders and it’s all good until you go to dust off the excess powders and it comes off the nail. This is because gel polish has a slightly tacking surface unlike regular nail polish, allowing the powder to stick to the gel.

Are the powders expensive?

If you buy them from places like What’s Up Nails, then yes. Although they claim that this is the finest powder on the market, for one gram of their Alchemy Powder, you’ll pay nearly seventeen pounds. However, you can buy almost the exact same thing from Born Pretty Store for around three pounds.

Don’t chrome/multichrome nail polishes get the same effect?

Although companies are starting to create polishes that do get the same effect. Regular chrome and multichrome polishes don’t. With polishes, you get brush strokes, polishes have to self level. Though some don’t. Here are examples of purple to green shifting multichrome:

This is nail polish by Essie called “For The Twill Of It.”

This is Born Pretty Store’s powder:

So you can see the difference, the powder has very clear colour and no streaks. The polish is the opposite. Although For The Twill Of It is one of my favourite nail polishes.

Pros of powders:

1. The effect.

2. The vibrant colours.

3. The long wear time.

4. Being able to see your reflection in your nails. 😄

Cons of powders:

1. The mess.

2. The time it takes.

3. The expense. (In some cases.)

4. Having to use gel.

The the powders have good and bad points, it’s all down to personal preference. 

Here’s my application video of Born Pretty Store’s silver chrome powder.

I hope I helped you decide, let me know if you decide to get some, or what you think of powders. 

Thank you for reading,