Worth The Hype Wednesday | Harp On It, Pearl Jammin’ & Turn On The Northern Lights

I’ve created a new segment on my blog called Worth The Hype Wednesday. On some Wednesdays I will pick three famous nail polishes, swatch them and decide whether or not they are indeed worth the hype.

The first famous polish I have is Turn On The Northern Lights by O.P.I. This came out in the 2017 Iceland collection and it was definitely the star of the collection. Everybody went mad for it. It’s a navy blue with a pinkish red shimmer. Is this a new concept? Not if you’re including indies. Plenty of indie brands have created this type of polish long before O.P.I released this one. However, for a mainstream brand, this was impressive. The formula is a little on the thin side, I needed three coats as I have longer nails resulting in quite a prominent nail line.

So while it is a nice polish, it really isn’t anything spectacular. So, is it worth the hype? For me, no.

Next up is a cult classic from China Glaze, this is Pearl Jammin’. A light blue with a striking orange/gold shimmer. I call this an ocean sunset in a bottle. It is beautiful. It is quite sheer, I think most people will need three coats. This was released in the 2016 Rebel collection. This collection was a hit with all nail polish addicts, it had something for everyone. It was a tie between this and another polish in that collection for being the most famous. I’ll talk about the other polish in my next worth the hype blog.

This is one of my all time favourite polishes so for me, this is most definitely worth the hype.

Last but not least, a classic silver linear holographic polish from Color Club. This is called Harp On It and this was released in the Halo Hues collection from 2012. Silver linear holos are common nowadays, but this one has rainbows that are much more striking than any other polish I’ve seen. It’s not often I find a polish that rivals a nail powder, but this really does. I’ve seen that for a lot of people, this is very opaque in one coat. For me it takes three, maybe it’s the colour of my nail beds? I don’t know. It has a thinner consistency but it’s still easy to apply.

So, is Harp On It worth the hype? Yes!

Do you agree with my opinions of these famous polishes? Or do you disagree? Let me know in the comments.

See you on Saturday.

Anne. X

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